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It Is Well, With My Soul

The dark, moodly clouds linger on the horizon, threatening rain, yet she slowly walks along the shore.  She looks down, watching as her footsteps sink into the sand, feeling the rush of the cool water as it laps at her feet.

Aside from the occasional friendly hello and high pitched barks in the distance, she finds herself mostly alone.  For a moment, the sun peeks out from behind a cloud.  She stills herself. She closes her eyes and lifts her face to the sky, letting the warmth of the sun caress her face.  The sunshine briefly illuminates the grayness of the morning.

The sticky salt air blows through her hair.  She frees it from its confinement and allows the wind to take it, blowing wild and free.

She longs to see the faces of her young babes and feel the touch of her love but she finds peace in the stillness she didn’t know she yearned for.  Her soul recharges.

There is solace in her solitude.


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