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Adventure Challenge

Last week I shared with you the goals I wanted to accomplish in 2020, particularly the theme for the be more intentional. One area in which I wanted to improve on was my time with my husband and my kiddos. It’s difficult sometimes. When the daily grind of school, homework, work, house chores, ballgames, and dance seem to rule your life, how do you find quality time to spend with the ones you love most, nurturing those relationships? It’s been hard for me. Now don’t get me wrong, I find time to spend with them, I’ve just felt lately that our time shared is lacking quality. I feel we aren’t making the most of it. While I am one hundred percent for lazy Saturday mornings spent sleeping in, watching movies or playing video games, there are days where we have no plans where I’ve thought “you know, we could have done this today…” It’s about being more intentional!!!

So to help me with that, I bought a little tool. A book. I ran across it on Instagram surprisingly and when I first started looking at it, I was in search of something for couples. My hubby and I are fortunate enough to have a lot of family around that like to spend time with our kids so most Friday nights we find ourselves with the opportunity for a date night. In the summer we like to go to the pond and go fishing, and sometimes dinner and a movie is the perfect combo for what we need, but sometimes, we find ourselves in a rut of not being able to think of anything we want to do. On those nights, we often find ourselves staying in and end up doing unfinished chores, or just plain nothing. Now I plan to be with this man until the good Lord takes me home, and as scary as it is to think about it, the reality is that in ten years, both of our children will be out of the house. I don’t want to wake up one day and we are strangers because we didn’t take the time to nurture what we have together. I know that sounds crazy, but it is a legit fear of mine. So I decided that in 2020, I wanted to be more proactive about how we spent our time together in hopes that we could nurture our relationship in other ways.

But in this quest, I found a book for families. And I thought how perfect is this! A way to be more intentional with my family and my hubby! So I bought both. It’s called The Adventure Challenge. They created one for family, one for couples, and one for friends.

The idea behind this book is simple but genius. It’s a book filled with fifty adventures for you to discover, hidden behind a silver scratch off. There are clues and helpful hints to help you decide which adventure you might like to try, but you don’t know any of the details until you scratch that bad boy off. And once it’s scratched off, you HAVE to do it. It’s in the rules. Don’t be a rule breaker. After you complete the activity, there is a space for you to journal about what you did, and a place to attach a picture so you have that memory forever.

I told our kiddos about this book after my blog post last week and they were so excited when it came in. Unfortunately, the couple’s edition has been so popular that it is on backorder until February (I say unfortunately, but how awesome would that be for it to arrive near Valentine’s Day). Every night the kiddos were asking, “when can we scratch off our adventure??” so we picked a day on the calendar and penciled in our adventure!

Tuesday night after eating a whole bunch of tacos (props to us for actually having a successful #tacotuesday which was completely unplanned), we cleared the table and sat down to scratch off our first adventure. Mommy and daddy were super tired and completely unprepared for what we were about to get ourselves into, but the smiles and giggles as we were completing our adventure were so worth it. Seriously worth every.single.moment! And I’m so happy we videoed the whole process because I can’t tell you how many times we’ve already replayed the videos and laughed all over again!!

Enjoy :)

Edit: I completely forgot to link the book. Click here for a link to The Adventure Challenge website.

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