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A Southern Mama's Drama

Welcome to the dramatic comedy of my life here in sweet North Carolina where the weather changes as quickly as a southern woman's sass.  It's a weird, wonderful life here with my hubby, my two kiddos, and my fur babies.  Grab a coffee, sit down and stay a while as you savor the stories of my ever comical life as a wife and a mama.


Hi Ya'll!


I am a wife and a mother of some pretty amazing human beings.  We live out in the country, surrounded by the farm I grew up on...the place where I learned valuable lessons early on about hard work, faith, and the love of nature.  Growing up, I had the most magical playground anyone could ever imagine and spent countless hours exploring the farm with my older brother.  I try to recreate my childhood memories with my kiddos as much as possible to help instill the same values I learned early on, and because quite frankly, there's nothing better than growing up on a farm.


With nature as my playground, my imagination grew wild.  It definitely came in handy as I found I had a love affair of putting words to paper.  It was a wonderful outlet for my creative energy.  Several years ago, with the encouragement of my biggest cheerleader, my sweet mama, I decided to start a blog.  My hope is that people can relate to my words, and maybe find joy in the things that I share.  

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